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Starting with the grounding of the family company on 01.11.1911, Messko developed rapidly during the first few decades of its existence to become one of the leading suppliers of the automotive industry. Radiator thermometers and air pressure gauges were the initial basis for the company's success. In 1932, using the principle of the Bourdon spring invented by Frenchman Bourdon, Messko developed the second and most important basis for today's success: the first remote thermometer for the automotive industry and in 1960 the first thermometer for transformer manufacturing. Today as a member of the MR Group Messko enjoys a leading position in the segment of temperature and filling level indicators for power transformers.

MESSKO Products
Our reputation is based on supplying high quality precision products - but also delivering to schedule, whether ex stock or to customer specifications and supplying direct world-wide. So it is no surprise that MESSKO customers are to be found in every corner of the world.

Increasingly our traditional products are being complemented by state of the art electronic equipment which alerts the operator to faults and irregularities in good time and has a computer interface to monitoring systems.

Oil Temperature Measurement
The appellation measuring and controlling (“MESSKO”) already implies it: you can rely entirely and completely on our long-standing experience and competence in these areas. The COMPACT series offers you various different types of pointer thermometers with adjustable microswitches. You will find all necessary features like temperature measuring, alarm message indication, and remote indication in one single device. The same goes for the TRASY series. This manufacturing range was developed and designed especially for temperature measuring in distribution transformers and power transformers. Thanks to a wide range of combination possibilities, you will get high-quality flexibility.

Winding Temperature
Measuring/calculation of the winding temperature is performed indirectly. The temperature jump between winding and coolant depends on the current actually present in the winding at the time of measuring. The secondary transformer current is proportional to the current present in the transformer winding.
The secondary transformer current feeds a heating resistor inside the pointer thermometer, hence causing the display of the oil temperature actually measured (= temperature gradient) to rise in congruence with the transformer load. This indirect measuring method allows a display of both the average and/or the maximum winding temperature (= thermal image). The heating current is set in accordance with a characteristic curve, using a potentiometer located inside the pointer thermometer. This setting can be performed either in the factory or by the customer.
You have a choice of our Compact or TRASY series. In addition, we are offering you an "Electronic pointer thermometer" which will be available with extended functions by the end of 2003.

Oil Level
The Messko level gauges are particularly useful for oil level indication in transformers. For this reason, we are offering you two different types of level gauge variants:
The MMK oil level indicators allow level indication without the need of a floater inside the reservoir. Reading indication is excellent - even when viewed from the side of from below.
The MTO series is particularly useful for oil level indication in the oil conservators of transformers. In addition, the TT30 signal transmission module allow transmission of the values all the way to the control room.

Cooler Control
MTeC® - EPT202 (digital thermometer with load-dependent cooler control) combines numerous features for temperature monitoring of power transformers.
You get the indication and monitoring of one oil- and winding temperature on the basic device. Min and max. temperature values as also the air flow are recorded and can be retrieved later. Remote indication of the temperature values is possible via two analogue outputs and one RS485 interface. This is the Messko approach: targeted supervision and reduction of your power transformers' load.

Pressure Relief Device
We have always taken a special interest in monitoring the "work horses" of energy supply.
Demands on transformer equipment are rising steadily. As operating times increase, reliable monitoring equipment becomes essential.
That is reason enough to utilise pressure relief devices in Messko’s reputable high quality. High-quality materials, smooth, flatter less release and computer-supported individual inspections are some of the Highlights which characterize our MPreC® product line.

Dehydrating Breather
A practical solution for cutting down on your transformer operating costs: Our new maintenance-free MTraB® dehydrating breather for transformers and on-load tap-changers. No more need of expensive periodic replacement of the silica gel thanks to moisture removal by the built-in heating element.
Considering the ever-increasing life cycles of your transformers, the savings achieved may well amount to a sizeable sum over the years.
And what is more: With MTraB® you will profit from Messko's entire range of competences in the field of transformer accessories: High-quality temperature and humidity sensors which constantly guarantee a safe operation of the heating element. You even have a choice of variants with time-dependent control and status-dependent control.

Messko sensor technology: Recording and further processing of the important data on the transformer is our core business. We have added the PWM60 temperature sensors which record the parameters reliably to our palette of mechanical sensors. The TT30 signal converter converts various sensor signals into process signals. This permits control room connections to be established.

Industry Series
For many years now, MESSKO has been manufacturing pointer thermometers equipped with a fluid-filled mechanical measuring system which needs no external power. Our pointer thermometers offer years of dependability without system wear. They are robust and thus suitable for many industrial applications.
Due to the special requirements of our customers and the resulting wide variety of models, we manufacture single products for the industrial sector in proven Messko quality.

A perfectly adapted range of accessories is always a part of sophisticated products.
Starting with adapter units adapting to diverse rated transformer currents, to the signal converter TT30 up to various display devices, which enable a remote indication via analogue or digital transmission electronic equipment; you will find an application-oriented supply of accessories for all product lines.

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